Due to an unparalleled commitment to customer service, we are proud to say that 95% of our business comes from repeat and referral business. As such, many satisfied clients have submitted letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews. Here is just a sampling of a few letters received.

The Go-To Realtor for Our Family

Anne Marie has helped us on two real estate listings, and I highly recommend her. She is professional and spends a great deal of time researching the transaction details to protect her clients. She is fair and honest yet encouraging at the same time. And she is fun!! So important during the stressful period of buying or, in our case, selling two properties.

In the first transaction, we had some challenges with the buyer, and Anne Marie went above and beyond to get the deal closed. In fact, it wouldn't have closed if not for her tenacity. And it HAD to close because our replacement property was dependent on it. When it came time to sell our primary home a few years later, we knew that Anne Marie would be our agent. She tackled the early days of COVID-19, when anxieties were high, doing research, explaining to us our options for showings, making sure we were protected. When she couldn't find a stager willing to stage an occupied home, she spent several days at our home staging it herself, using what we had with items she bought or brought herself, and the result was gorgeous. We were very pleased with her marketing, and it worked to bring in many interested byers.

I would not hesitate to refer Anne Marie, and in fact she will be helping our daughters find their first homes when they are ready. -Karen K

Strategic, tenacious and committed to helping me achieve my goals

I was so lucky to find Anne Marie Reggie when it was time to sell my condo in Long Beach and purchase a home in Lakewood. She handled both transactions very smoothly and was always available with answers to my questions. I know from personal experience that that is not always the case. I found her to be strategic, tenacious and committed to helping me achieve my goals. For example, when we listed my condo, we had a buyer all set to purchase my condo. But halfway through the transaction we found out she was unable to secure a loan. (Shame on her agent). Anne Marie worked tirelessly, calling in favors and working the phone constantly trying to get a loan for her to save my deal. It was not to be. She then put in extra time and effort to find a new buyer. Happily, that transaction was completed without a hitch (at least from what she revealed to me).

Then when it came time to buy, I fell in love with a home in Lakewood. Anne Marie also knew the minute we walked in that it was perfect for me, and said she would do everything she could to make sure I got this house. I had been overbid on a couple of other properties, and was nervous about losing out on this one, so wanted to offer full price. Anne Marie worked her magic not only got me the house, but I got it for $5000 less than asking price! She developed a good rapport with the listing agent, so the rest of the deal went really smoothly.

Anne Marie is a total professional. She knows the real estate business inside and out, and she remains committed to her clients even after the deal is closed. She has a large referral network of contractors and resources she can offer us, and is constantly keeping up with and sharing information that may be pertinent to buyers, sellers and people who already own their home. She has always been available to me to answer questions or lend an ear. I trust her to have my back. Her intelligence, positive attitude, amazing memory, and patience make her an extraordinary agent and, I might add now, a friend.

I promise you will be very happy having Anne Marie as your agent! -Debbie T

Her energy and experience sold us!

Anne Marie Reggie helped us find our first investment property. Her energy and experience are what sold her as an agent for my wife and me. Her ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously is nothing short of impressive. She has a team that she works with on an ongoing basis, from the lenders to the inspectors. She professionally manages these people efficiently to get your properties closed. I'm not sure if all agents work this way, but she would answer texts from me at all hours of the day or night. Her mind seems to always be on the deal. Checking and re-checking and reporting back her findings. I have heard buying and selling homes is painful and a frustrating experience, but to be honest, it was one of the most pleasurable and unobtrusive experiences. I know she did much of the heavy lifting on her end and she gave us digestible bits of information, but it seems effortless for her or at least that was the persona she gave to calm my high intensity, needing all the answers personally.

We faced a challenging set of circumstances in our deal: Our seller was literally the City of Santa Ana, and if you ever have purchased property from a city you know what I mean when I say redundancy is an understatement. Sometimes I felt like we had 4 deals going at once--because of all the extra paperwork and because of timing and decision makers only meeting once a month to give us answers, a simple deal grew into a beast. But ultimately we purchased a dual-zoned work/ live loft in the heart of the Artist Village in downtown Santa Ana. We love our loft and the area!! We will use Anne Marie again and again because we got the opportunity to see her in action, and we're impressed with her results. Hands down one of the hardest working people in the real estate industry. Thank you, Anne Marie! - Cyrus and Judie

The Epitome of a Full-Service Professional

Anne Marie did an outstanding job selling my condo. I initially signed with an independent agent who was willing to work at a reduced commission. At first, this was appealing to me; however, it soon became apparent she was not worth the bargain price. After my contract expired, I hired Anne Marie; she is the epitome of a full-service professional. She answered all my questions & was interested in my input. She has a great personality & strong marketing skills, which I account for my success in selling my property. It was definitely a pleasure working with her & I would definitely use her services in the future. -Tim C

(Note: Tim has gone on to do 3 more deals with Anne Marie)

Fierce Advocate

We contacted Anne Marie to help us find our first home. She went above and beyond what I felt was required of her, fiercely protecting us and our interests and having our back from start to finish. I would never consider another agent; she has gained my trust and business for the rest of my life. Thank you, Anne Marie! We couldn't be happier. -Thomas C

Very tech-savvy

I found Anne Marie in 2005 while looking for a realtor in the Long Beach area. Since then she has been my real estate agent for 5 real estate transactions...and soon to be 6 (literally). She has helped us sell homes as the listing agent and buy homes as the buyer's agent and is without a doubt our go-to realtor - to the point I have referred her to my family members. We sincerely trust her handling of the entire purchase or sale process - from start to finish - and have true confidence that she is looking out for my family's best interest. She is savvy in her negotiations and has an impressive database of contacts (from electricians to termite inspectors to mortgage brokers) that is critical to solving issues when you are trying to close escrow. She is a definite out-of-the box thinker which has helped us numerous times to find a solution to a problem. In addition, she is very tech-knowledgeable which for me is important since there are so many conversations and issues that pop up in just searching for the right home or buyer. For instance, a decade ago she introduced me to DocuSign (software that allows you to sign legal documents on your smartphone or laptop) to sign property documents, which was way ahead of the curve and saved me hours of time. Ironically, I use DocuSign for my business today. Lastly, she has always been very patient when I have had to make a decision about a property, which speaks volumes to her approach. For instance, we recently moved into escrow for a new home after looking at 60-70 homes in the past 60 days and falling out of escrow on 2 other homes. Anne Marie has never pressured me to make a decision and is constantly looking at alternatives to make sure we have all the information and comparisons we need to make the right decision for us. We are grateful for all of Anne Marie's help. - Michael C.

Works very hard to get you what you want

Anne Marie has been the only agent I trusted to both sell our condo in Signal Hill and to assist us with our purchase in Alamitos Heights. For the sale, she staged and marketed the property garnering us multiple offers. When our original buyer's deal went shaky, she was wonderful at walking us through our options, and we decided to move forward with a different buyer who ultimately closed. 
When it came time to buy our "forever home," Anne Marie knew how important this purchase was to us. She paid careful attention to our needs (economics, location, schools, etc.) and put us at ease with the most important purchase of our life. She worked very hard to get us what we wanted, and was strategic in guiding us through a bidding war so that we won!
She was very patient and readily available through both processes and was wonderful at expediting everything. Both times all negotiations and paperwork went smoothly.
I find Anne Marie works very hard to get you what you want. For us, that ultimately was the house of our dreams, and we couldn't be happier. - Magdalena S.

She is the best!

This is the 4th home Anne Marie has helped us buy and sell, and she is the best! She makes sure everything is taken care of while keeping in constant contact along the way. She knows Long Beach so well you'd think she's lived here her whole life. We cannot say enough about how pleased we always are with Anne Marie and her team. - Morgan & Brian

Takes Care of Everything

Anne Marie is the BEST! We were selling the home in a different area that we'd raised our family in, and relocating to a smaller home in Long Beach, so it was a major move for us. She made it so easy for us. She helped us out even on a major holiday! My wife and I will always turn to her for real estate help. - Dr. John B.

The Whole Package

I have known Anne Marie since our kids were little, and had no doubt she would be the one we turned to when it came time to sell our house in Belmont Shore and buy one more suitable for the kids as they got older. From a seller's standpoint, she priced our property well, had great stagers, and it sold in no time! From a buyer's perspective, she found us the perfect house in Belmont Heights, an area in which we weren't initially looking, and helped us jump through lots of hoops to get it. She always had our back--she even managed our movers as we were on vacation the week both the houses closed escrow! If you are looking for the whole package, you can't go wrong with Anne Marie.- Leslie A

A Great Agent & Even Better Friend

"Thanks for all your help over the past month. You have been a great agent & even better friend. We have had to deal with a number of agents and by far you were the best. You made this challenging and, at times, overwhelming process quite enjoyable."  - John F.

Accommodating, Down to Earth

Anne Marie exemplifies what it means to go the extra mile...delivered on everything she committed to along the way...very accommodating, down to earth and very easy to work with...She wholeheartedly demonstrated the utmost in professionalism.  - Brenda R.

Always Available & On Top of Everything

"You did it! You sold my property for the dollar amount I wanted & in the time frame requested. It was a great pleasure working with you; you were always available & on top of everything--a great combination. I can't imagine buying or selling anything without you."  -Joyce E.

A Talented Liaison, Negotiator, Friend

I was moving from the Bay Area & needed a Realtor who understood the pressures of a long-distance move & major lifestyle change...She’s a talented liaison, negotiator, who became a friend in the process. Michelle Q.


Anne Marie is superior at what she does! - Sheila B.